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The tourist guide of naples

are you staying in naples, you don’t know how to move around and you don’t like to miss any monument orhistorical place? discover the naples tourist guide and find all the information and the itineraries you’relooking for!

  • The tourist guide of naples
  • Tips on where to shop in Naples

    For lovers of fashion, luxury labels and shopping, shopping in Naples reserves great surprises. All the best brands of the moment located in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.
    Fashion lover, luxury labels, know that, shopping in Naples reserves great surprises!
    A multi-faceted city with a thousand shades, where culture, history, charm and worldliness interweave to create a homogeneous and unrepeatable elsewhere.
    If you are staying at our boutique hotel Il Salotto della Regina and you are a fashion lovers, in our Travel Guide we have dedicated an article exclusively for you.
  • Where to eat pizza in Naples

    Are you in Naples and you are looking for a typical posticono where you can enjoy a real Neapolitan pizza? We suggest some of them in the Tourist Guide of Il Salotto della Regina.
    In Naples, pizza is really a serious matter: a delight for the eyes, the mouth and the heart. For the Neapolitans it is a sacred object,
    while tourists place it in the top ten among the things to do, eat or see once happened in this land.

    It is therefore obvious that in the Tourist Guide of our boutique hotel, a place of honor is necessarily due to things dedicated to pizza.
    If you are staying at Il Salotto della Regina or just browsing the web to find a place
    where to eat what is probably the most famous dish in the world, give us two minutes of your time, you will not regret it.
  • Where to eat chocolate in Naples

    The greedy guests of "Il Salotto della Regina" can not avoid trying one of the oldest Neapolitan artisan delicacies: chocolate.
    In the Parthenopean capital there are places where tradition blends with the uniqueness of chocolate, we at Il Salotto della Regina make it easier for you to search by revealing some typical specialties in the Naples Tourist Guide that you can not help but taste.
    The greedy guests of our boutique hotel will inevitably have to try one of the oldest Neapolitan craft delicacies: chocolate. If you still believe that Naples is only the home of pizza, mozzarella, sfogliatelle and babà you are wrong. On the other hand, no city in the culinary fact is so very varied.
    As for sweetmeats, Naples is the top and boasts an ancient tradition in the art of artisan chocolate making: smells, flavors and spices blend in a single piece of cocoa paste destined to delight everyone's palate. So, if you are staying at Il Salotto della Regina, know that you are spoiled for choice among dozens of chocolate shops. We have selected three chocolates for you, get ready to experience a real taste experience.