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Where to eat chocolate in Naples

The greedy guests of "Il Salotto della Regina" can not avoid trying one of the oldest Neapolitan artisan delicacies: chocolate.

  • Where to eat chocolate in Naples
The greedy guests of "Il Salotto della Regina" can not avoid trying one of the oldest Neapolitan artisan delights: chocolate.
If you still believe that Naples is just the pizza house, mozzarella, sfogliatelle and babà you're wrong. No city, more than the capital of Naples, in fact is such a varied cuisine. As for desserts, Naples is the top and boasts an ancient tradition in the art of homemade chocolate: perfumes, aromas and spices blend into a single piece of cocoa paste destined to delight everyone's palate.
So, if you stay in our boutique hotel, Il Salotto della Regina, you are looking for a typical place where you can enjoy a good chocolate, know that you are spoiled for choice among dozens of chocolates.
We at the Queen's Lounge have selected three of them:

  1. GayOdin:
    The Napoli Bene of chocolate goes under the name of Gay Odin. Since the beginning of the '900 is the most famous chocolate shop in Naples "synonymous with design chocolate, a must for bourgeois and intellectuals of the city", as we can read on their website.
    Here at the Salotto della Regina, we suggest you try out its nudes, the cremini, the tablets but, above all, the famous Forest, the branches of milk and dark chocolate, and of course the Vesuvio, a sweet reinterpretation of the symbol par excellence of this land
    If you love chocolate, then, you can not miss the opportunity to go to one of the 9 GayOdin stores throughout Naples.
    Are you curious to know how the famous Gay Odin Forest is born? Know that the chocolate shop offers the possibility of a tour inside its chocolate factory. An unmissable opportunity, if you stay in our boutique hotel, let yourself be carried away by the aromatic notes of cocoa.

  2. Gallucci:
    Another historic chocolate shop to visit, if you stay in our boutique hotel, is Gallucci. Gallucci Mario Cioccolateria produces homemade chocolate according to ancient family recipes from the French court for over a century. Just in Paris, the founder, has learned and imported in Naples, the art of chocolate processing: it is said that he is the inventor of the chocolates naked, a term that derives from a Paris a little 'dare. In 1890, he opened the first pastry shop. Soft nougat, hazelnut, milk, dark and white spreads, variegated tablets and a large quantity of chocolates filled with liquor, these are the Gallucci family's specialties. If your taste buds are shaking you have to go to Vico called Emanuele, 33: about 30 minutes drive from Il Salotto della Regina but it is definitely worth it.

  3. Scaturchio:
    If we talk about sweets and chocolate we can not fail to mention Scaturchio.
    From the Queen's Lounge you are moving in the historic center to immerse yourself in the most genuine Neapolitan life: you are in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, here it is a must to stop in the historic center of Scaturchio: known above all for the renowned Neapolitan traditional pastry, like the sfogliatella, the babà, the pastiera, over time the confectioners of Scaturchio have added alternative and more modern proposals: very special creams with marzipan and white chocolate, nougat and stuffed with hazelnuts, but the real gem is the Scaturchio ministry, created in the '20s by Francesco Scaturchio at the behest of the diva Anna Fougez: a medallion covered in dark chocolate with a soft liqueur inside, also composed of ricotta, fruit and hazelnut.
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