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Where to eat pizza in Naples

Are you in Naples and you are looking for a typical posticono where you can enjoy a real Neapolitan pizza? We suggest some of them in the Tourist Guide of Il Salotto della Regina.

  • Where to eat pizza in Naples
In the Tourist Guide of our boutique hotel, a place of honor is inevitably dedicated to pizza. If you are staying with us or just browsing the web to find a place to eat what is probably the most famous dish in the world, give us two minutes of your time.

Traveling to Naples means immersing yourself in traditions and folklore, meeting people with innate kindness but above all living an unforgettable culinary experience. Walking and admiring the beauties of Naples walk, in fact, almost arm in arm with the smells and flavors typical of the city, among these stands out that of the beloved pizza. Elastic and soft dough, with the other and not too burned cornice, the real Neapolitan pizza is usually marinara or margherita, although there are different tastes, the fried variant with ciccioli or salami, provola and ricotta is a libidine.

Anyone who thinks that all the pizzas in Naples are good is wrong, of course, one never speaks of bad taste, but it is a question of preferring it rather than a good one. In fact, perhaps there is no shared opinion: if you try to ask a Neapolitan to eat the best pizza in Naples, the answer will probably always be different. One thing is certain, if you are staying at our boutique hotel and you are looking for typical restaurants then know that you have to head to the historic center, not far from The Queen's Lounge, and also enjoy that folklore mentioned a moment ago.

Here is a brief but not exhaustive selection according to us (the list is not in order of goodness):

  1. Starita Materdei: is among the best known pizzerias in the world, although it is not easily reached on foot, but if you do not mind walking a little from the metro station Toledo, we suggest you to go there, better if in the week.

  2. Sorbillo: fixed stop for tourists and not, the pizzeria Sorbillo is active since 1935 and boasts more than one location, a site on the beautiful seafront of Naples, not far from the Queen's Lounge, and the other in the middle of the historic Neapolitan that is in Via dei Tribunali. Unfortunately, the pizzeria is known for the long lines at the door, but once you enter the service is really smooth.

  3. Da Michele: Michele is the Pizzeria with a capital P and is known by most as the "sacred temple of pizza". There is no napoletan or tourist who has not eaten at least once in his life here. A few steps from Corso Umberto I 'activity boasts about 5 generations of history. Today it continues to be famous for the fact of churning out only two types of marinara or margherita pizza.

  4. Di Matteo: Born in 1932 and located in Via dei Tribunali, this pizzeria where President Bill Clinton in 1997 could not resist the goodness of pizza. From Di Matteo, in addition to the excellent pizza, are also its "fried delicacies": you will not be able to say no to its succulent pasta omelette.
  5. De Figliole: If you love fried pizza, going to this place is a good opportunity for this little transgression of taste. Yes, because here is the only possible choice and we can say that it is the mother of today's street food.
Do you want to know the secret of Neapolitan pizza? Simple and always fresh products but slow leavening made with yeasts that are handed down from generation to generation is perhaps the most hidden. Seeing is believing!
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