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The tourist guide of naples

are you staying in naples, you don’t know how to move around and you don’t like to miss any monument orhistorical place? discover the naples tourist guide and find all the information and the itineraries you’relooking for!

  • The tourist guide of naples
  • Castel Dell'Ovo

    The boutique hotel Il Salotto della Regina is 2.3 km from the Castel dell'Ovo of Naples, which can be reached on foot in 29 minutes or comfortably by car in about 7 minutes.
    2 Km
    7 min
    by car
    29 min
    on foot
    Castello dell'Ovo is the oldest castle in Naples. Located between the districts of San Ferdinando and Chiaia, it’s not far from the boutique hotel Il Salotto della Regina. The Castle rises on the ancient islet of Megaride, first landing place of the Greeks, who conquered the Gulf of Naples around 474 a.c and who built Partenope or Neapolis (New Town). The Castle, founded in 1128, over the centuries and due to several events, has lost his typical Norman architectural structure to take up the appearance it holds today, thanks to the works of reconstruction in the Aragonese Angevin era. The Castle history, since its origins, has been linked to several legends: the most famous binds the castle’s name to an egg that Virgil, the Latin poet and “magician”, hidden secretly in a cage in its subterranean. The legend says that from that egg depended the good fortune of the Castle and of the whole city of Naples. At the beginning of the 20th century, on the islet there were ones of the most popular Café Chantants in the city, such as Eldorado and Santa Lucia. Today, Caracciolo's coastline, formerly known as Castel dell'Ovo, continues to be a busy area with trendy bars, restaurants, bars and pubs, always busy until late night.