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Tourism in Naples: a strong growth trend

The XXI Report on Italian Tourism illustrates the situation on tourism in the beautiful country, highlighting that in Naples there is a strong growth, above all in foreign presences.

  • Tourism in Naples: a strong growth trend

Did you know that tourism in Naples is strong growth? The latest Italian Tourism Report shows how much is a totally positive trend.

Not only is tourism in Naples the strong growth but in general, the XXI Report on Italian Tourism, edited by the Research Institute on Innovations and Services for the development of the CNR, has photographed what is the situation of the tourism sector in Italy; the value in terms of GDP points and above all the exact geographical and economic mapping of the distribution and the market trend regarding the whole peninsula, the south and naples.

Let's start by saying that Italy is a country with 53 UNESCO sites, that is a World Heritage Site. In absolute terms, the number of employees has exceeded 3.2 million; the hospitality establishments have reached a record number of 117 million arrivals, 10 million more presences in 2017 compared to 2016.

Tourism in Naples? Records mainly of foreign presences.

With regard to tourism in Naples, foreign presences are affected by the constant positive trend with an average annual rate of + 2.5% in the 2011-2016 five-year period. In particular, the number of tourists in Campania campania who choose Naples as a destination for their holidays are the Germans, with about 56 million presences, holding the largest share (28.4%), followed by the French and tourists from the United Kingdom who with around 13 million presences, they are much smaller (6.7% and 6.5%).

tourism in Naples

Are you wondering why such a radical change for tourism in Campania and in particular in Naples?

Tourism in Italy, in Campania and consequently in Naples, is the result of different dynamics that are not random, but are the result of concomitant effects due to factors related to economic crises, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, structural changes of the sector; including: the new forms of accommodation in the tourism market, the implementation of strategies to support the villages for the enhancement of internal areas; the affirmation of the Online Travel Agent phenomenon; the diffusion of diffusion and marketing through social media; the spread of the sharing economy.

The whole report essentially tells us two things: tourism is one of the greatest economic resources of our country and despite the good results achieved in recent years we must and can still do much and much more, and Naples focuses on tourism.

The south, Campania, Naples are fully included in the national trend and where there are improvements in the number of tourist presences is also noted that they tend to distribute throughout the calendar year and, of course, are polarized around the summer months but also concurrently with holidays and special occasions. The attractions, both national and local, are truly innumerable and the artistic and cultural heritage made available to tourists is truly boundless.

The Neapolitan tourist offer is being differentiated by creating proposals that are truly three hundred and sixty degrees, putting into practice the priority choices that the operators have given themselves: today the incoming in our cities, in our villages and really cut off on every need of the tourist. More and better can be done and must be done for the attached services, for the usability of archaeological sites and museums - for example - but the efforts of the operators in the sector are continuous and constant and the data show this.

Quantitative data, of course, do not say everything, but in a very short time the qualitative data on the tourist offer will be gradually published and these will be even more important to outline and understand where to go and how operators can adapt their work and orient it more and more. to the total satisfaction of tourists.

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