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In a large and spacious lounge stands the champagnerie of il salotto della regina, the best chic boutique hotel in naples, where you can try our selection of liqueurs and fine wines!

  • Champagnerie

A large, furnished ad hoc lounge: so the Champagnerie of the Boutique Hotel Il Salotto della Regina looks like, which aims to be a wonderful meeting point for guests staying in Naples.

The modern and refined design creates a pleasant and confident ambience, where you can enjoy great products from our large wine list.


A modern Champagnerie in the most chic boutique hotel in Naples?

Spend an evening in the elegant Champagnerie of the boutique hotel Il Salotto della Regina it’s the best way to have a pleasantly and satisfying time.

Our guests can enjoy cocktails prepared according to classic recipes, or prestigious brands of wines and liqueurs, in a place with a Renaissance atmosphere and artistic recalls.